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Here at Castle Air we have over 30 years experience in providing aerial filming to London and nationwide. We have provided aerial filming for productions, television series, commercials, sporting events, live broadcasts and even music videos. The potential uses for our expertise are endless. Over the years our team has gained essential skills and experience that make us the leading specialists in our field.

What makes Castle Air the best option for Aerial Filming and Photography over London?

We can film in built up areas and low level in controlled airspace, making us a clear winner over many competing companies. This great advantage is due to us holding a Civil Aviation Authority Air Operators certificate, which means we can obtain all of the necessary exemptions and permissions that are required to film in these situations. Whether you require a single helicopter, or would also like Castle Air to provide a photographer and all the equipment necessary for a shoot, we are here to ensure our clients get the best professional result every time.

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What kind of aerial films and photographs can Castle Air helicopters be used for?

Castle Air helicopters are incredibly versatile as they can be supplied for filming purposes, or be filmed as the action vehicle. As well as television series and music videos, we are the number one choice for all of your aerial filming requirements; from display and advertising to land surveys and detailed site inspections.

Aerial Filming and Photography Credits

Past aerial filming and photography credits for television include BBC indents and popular programmes ‘Coast’, ‘Trawlermen’ and ‘Helicopter Heroes’. For projects such as these, our team will spend hours navigating the coast and further offshore to provide transit to and from islands around the British Isles. We have also filmed for Robbie Williams’ iconic music video ‘Angels’, Olly Murs’ ‘Hand on Heart’ and Coca Cola’s Olympic Torch video with Labrinth.

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