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Castle Air has a fantastic range of Agusta helicopters for sale that are certain to meet your exact requirements. We have an extensive showroom of AW109 variants, of different ages, and our team is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our customer-focused service has lead to us gaining a broad client base of returning customers who come back to make the most of our many wonderful helicopter services again and again. Whether you are buying or upgrading your Agusta helicopter, Castle Air is your number one choice!

Safe and affordable luxury Agusta helicopters for sale

We can supply an Agusta AW109 or a custom built AW139 exactly to your liking and aircraft can be taken as part exchange. As one of our clients you are welcome to request your entire aircraft’s interior and/or exterior to be refurbished, with all aircraft being thoroughly surveyed by Castle Air’s team of experienced engineers prior to sale.

The maintenance we carry out is always to the highest possible standard. Defects are fully rectified, mandatory modifications are embodied and we undertake any refurbishments as required. If you wish to personalise your aircraft, perhaps for branding purposes, our professional team have the skills and capabilities required to alter the paint scheme and add logos of your choosing.

Agusta Helicopter for Sale

Looking to buy an Agusta helicopter? You’ve come to the right place

Here are some examples of our Agusta helicopters:

AW109 Power and AW109 Power Elite

Modern and fast with a twin engine, this helicopter has a large, comfortable cabin and a state-of-the-art cockpit.

AgustaWestland AW109S Grand

This twin engine helicopter is lightweight and multipurpose with seating for eight.

AW109 GrandNew

A helicopter derived from the Agusta Grand, this version has additional single instrument flight rules (IFR), TAWS and EVS avionics.

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